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Prompted Watercooler AI Sessions 

Anonymous Questions 

Monthly Surveys

Create a continual cycle of feedback between employees and managers with weekly customizable surveys. These surveys help managers to identify pain points within their team and work to improve them, increasing workplace morale and employee retention. 

Encourage positive team collaboration with a point system that rewards helpful interactions.  Team members and managers can award their peers points for being a great teammate or for amazing work. At the end of the month, those with the most points are recognized for being incredible team leaders! 

Let Watercooler AI assist managers to create spontaneous and organic communication between team members by prompting them to schedule informal Watercooler sessions twice a week based on open availability in their Google Calendar. If the manager accepts the meeting recommendation, Watercooler AI will automatically add the meeting to the Managers' Google Calendar. The Manager can then join the session and employees can join if they would like, creating organic conversation.

Never have team members wondering about questions they are too shy to ask their Managers with Watercooler AI's Anonymous Question feature. This feature promotes open and relaxed  communication between employees and managers and eliminates wasted time wondering. 

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