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Open Communication

Never worry again about if you're checking in with your team enough. Watercooler AI tracks your communication and helps you create spontaneous connections with your peers.   

Hey Employee James! Here is your weekly survey from your Manager Rebecca!

Thanks Watercooler!


Provide a safe space for regular feedback in order to improve team relationships and productivity


Okay, adding new Watercooler session to your Google Calendar. 

Hey Manager Rebecca! I see you have a calendar opening next Wednesday at 10:15, would you like to schedule an open watercooler session for your team?

Organic Connection Building 

Allow team members and managers to connect in a more personal way, boosting team morale and increasing employee retention

Hi Employee James! I wanted to let you know I really enjoyed getting to know you better at our last team Watercooler AI session! I had no idea you liked Yoga as much as I do! We should definitely do a class together sometime!

Thanks Rebecca, I had a great time talking to you too! We should do a yoga class together. I know the new place around the street has classes on Sunday!

Yes, let's go at  11:30!


Increasing group communication allowing for the sharing of group ideas and the creation of better products.

Hey Employee Amy! I was thinking about the title slide for the deck we discussed in the last Watercooler session. Maybe we could add a few graphics to set up the rest of the presentation. 

That's a great idea, Employee James! I was also thinking about adding some graphics to the second and third slides. Do you want to work on that together tomorrow morning?

Sounds Great!

 Bring These Benefits To Your Business!

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